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Stevie has had many accolades over the years from Grammy Nominations, Top Ten Hits to her upcoming 2nd Rock Hall Induction. What has been near and dear to her heart for years has been her time spent with combat wounded. Stevie visited wounded soldiers at Walter Rewd & Bethesda bringing them iPods. She felt that music had a way of healing and would load music as well as sign them. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith also contibuted money to the project and Mick Fleetwood even went with her to visit the patients. She opened a charity called Stevie Nicks’ Band of Soldiers to continue to help them out and was also honored by the USO in 2015. Over a 5 year period she had spent the most hours visiting combat wounded military personel. This is also close to my heart since I am a Marine Corps Veteran and wife of a combat Marine Veteran. For the 2019 birthday project in honor of Stevie’s birthday will be devoted to helping wounded soldiers.

Kicking off April 25th and lasting until May 26th, the donations will be benefit the following charities.

Wounded Warrior Project
Soldier’s Angels
Walter Reed Society

All donations will be given through the respective sites which can be accessed above. All who participate email, or Direct Message a copy of the receipt via the following.

Email- admin@stevie-nicks.org
Facebook- @IconicStevieNicks
Twitter- @IconStevieNicks

All who send in a receipt will be entered into a drawing for a prize as a thank you for helping. The prize will be a photo from the set of Stevie’s “Everyday” music video signed by the director/photographer, Dean Karr!

More information about the prize including a picture/video reveal of the prize will be given at a later date and the drawing will be preformed after her birthday.

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