Welcome to Iconic: Stevie Nicks your fan source for singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks. Stevie is well known as one of the lead singers of British/American band Fleetwood Mac. You may also know her from her solo work from such hits as Edge of Seventeen and Stand Back. In 1998 she was given the honor of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Fleetwood Mac. She appeared in the hit show American Horror Story: Coven && recently returned for Apocalypse. In 2019 she was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame for the 2nd time for her solo work, the first woman to do so.

Every year on September 11th, Stevie always posts to remember our American tragedy on this day. It hit close to home for her since she was in New York on the Trouble in Shangri- La Tour.

She as always shared beautiful words from the heart about today…

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From My Journal Auckland New Zealand; 9-11-19 From my song Illume 9-11-2001 I’m alone now, with my thoughts Of how we could make it~ Of how we could – get out… What we’d been through~ And all of the trauma. The smell of Nag Champra~ Shadow of a stranger. I will not take you for granted. I wouldn’t trade you for jade~ Or for diamonds. I just need you to be there~ Just remember when I am haunted- That I was just so scared… I am alone now~ What I saw on this journey… I saw history go down~ I cannot pretend~ That the heartache falls away. It’s just like a river; It’s never ending; I cannot pretend; That the heartache Fades away… I always say on this day~ “I do not have to be reminded of what 9-11 was to me. I am not sorry that I was there. I am glad that I could share in that horrific tragedy with the people of New York. I am glad that it brought me to my knees and left me broken hearted. I am glad that I will never be the same since that day. I am glad that I appreciate people that I love more- since that day. I am glad that 18 years later, every year on this day, I go into myself and see the world. This day, here in New Zealand, I watched the documentary called Operation Yellow Ribbon, about the air traffic controllers who safely guided 255 planes coming into Canada from the rest of the world, because no plane could enter our country on that day… In Four hours~ (I wasn’t even aware that that happened. Watch it) And I am glad that the powers that be let me fly on my small jet- flanked on both sides by F-16 jets into Washington DC five days later. As I drove away from New York on a bus to Atlantic City 3 days after the attack~ I knew I would stay on the road and finish my tour. It was frightening, but I did it. God Bless all the people who were lost on that day, and all the people who were left behind. And as my sweet “World War Two” mom said ~ “Never forget it, Stevie – Don’t ever forget” Love, Stevie Nicks Photo: CBS News

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Renee   Sep 11, 2019