John Prine, Stevie Nicks, Def Leppard among 15 acts nominated for Rock Hall of Fame induction

John Prine, Stevie Nicks, Def Leppard among 15 acts nominated for Rock Hall of Fame induction

Los Angeles Times   |   Written by Randy Lewis

Article From: Los Angeles Times
The slate of final nominees for 2019 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame runs from pop-R&B superstar Janet Jackson and influential German techno band Kraftwerk to English hard rock band Def Leppard, Detroit proto-punk band MC5 and critically acclaimed Chicago singer-songwriter John Prine.

Joining them on the short list are Devo, Stevie Nicks, Todd Rundgren, the Zombies, Rage Against the Machine, the Cure, LL Cool J, Radiohead, Roxy Music and Rufus & Chaka Khan.

Six of the 15 nominees are appearing for the first time on the final ballot: Nicks, Rundgren, Prine, Devo, Def Leppard and Roxy Music. Nicks is alone in the 2019 class for induction a second time: She was selected for the Hall of Fame in 1998 as a member of Fleetwood Mac. If elected, she’ll be the first female artist inducted twice.

“The spectrum, the multiple genres of music — it’s a great snapshot of how big the tent is for rock ’n’ roll,” Hall of Fame President Greg Harris told The Times on Monday.

“To go from the Zombies to Radiohead is pretty wild, but to include LL Cool J and Janet Jackson and MC5 in the same sentence is pretty amazing and powerful. In addition, some of our first-time nominees are critically acclaimed — almost musicians’ musicians, songwriters’ songwriters — like Todd Rundgren, John Prine and Roxy Music.”

The inductees will be announced in December after being voted on by about 1,000 members of the Cleveland-based Rock Hall, including artists, managers, historians, critics and other members of the music industry. That body has been evolving over the three decades since the hall was launched in 1986.

“The lions’ share of the voting body remains the inductees,” Harris said. “As Pearl Jam has come in, Green Day has come in, these bands that were making music more contemporary, those folks are now eligible to vote. At the same time, we’ve also added more historians, writers and scholars.