Welcome to Iconic: Stevie Nicks your fan source for singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks. Stevie is well known as one of the lead singers of British/American band Fleetwood Mac. You may also know her from her solo work from such hits as Edge of Seventeen and Stand Back. In 1998 she was given the honor of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Fleetwood Mac. She also appeared on Television including Up All Night, and most notably in American Horror Story. In 2019 she was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame for the 2nd time for her solo work, the first woman to do so.

Stevie Nicks’ No. 1 Priority Is Music Following Ex-Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham’s Firing, Source Says (EXCLUSIVE)

Stevie Nicks’ No. 1 Priority Is Music Following Ex-Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham’s Firing, Source Says (EXCLUSIVE)

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On Oct. 14, Stevie Nicks sang in a duet on stage in Des Moines, IA. “Let’s stop before it’s too late, and leave it all up to the fates,” the singer belted out. The performance was the sixth night of Fleetwood Mac’s new tour, but the group looked slightly different than usual. Fleetwood Mac’s guitarist, Lindsey Buckingham, 69, and the singer’s onetime boyfriend, was fired in January. Stevie is still recovering from the unstable friendship that is finally over, but a source close to Stevie exclusively told Closer Weekly that music is her No. 1 priority right now.

Like so much in the band’s volatile history, the parting was bitter — Lindsey is suing for breach of contract and has blamed Stevie for his exit. So in Des Moines, after running through their hits, the band closed with the painful, “All Over Again.” As if the song foreshadowed the situation between Stevie and Lindsey, “It’s a song about surviving change,” Stevie said at the concert. “It’s a song about the future.”

The iconic singer knows a lot about both, but she’s focused only on her future. Just as the new tour kicked off, Stevie got nominated as a solo artist for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and made a buzzed-about appearance on American Horror Story: Apocalypse. “She’s one empowered lady,” a friend told Closer Weekly in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now. As a star whose success spans five decades, “she knows she’s earned the respect, trust, and adoration,” that’s giving her this moment, added the insider. “As she often says, ‘I’m still kicking a–!’” Though while Lindsey feels bruised, Stevie is taking their fight in stride. “Our relationship has always been volatile,” she has said. She’s ready to move on and “is relieved,” the friend said.

For now, Stevie is adopting “the band’s ability to put the music first,” the friend explained. “She’s very rock ‘n’ roll hippie in her thinking. Whatever comes up in her path… she goes with the flow.” In other words, she’s leaving what comes next up to the fates.

Renee   Nov 2, 2018