Stevie Nicks Returns to ‘American Horror Story’ & More Crazy Moments From ‘Boy Wonder’

Stevie Nicks Returns to 'American Horror Story' & More Crazy Moments From 'Boy Wonder'

TV Insider   |   Written by Meaghan Darwish

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Each passing week American Horror Story: Apocalypse reveals more and more familiar faces, and this week’s “Boy Wonder” episode was no exception.

Crossing heavily into the Coven side of things, fans were reintroduced to some of the witches that had yet to resurface in the season. But the excitement surrounding these introductions aren’t the only crazy moments from the latest episode.

Below we’re breaking down the wild events in “Boy Wonder” from those exciting returns to the downright creepy Michael Langdon (Cody Fern).


Since the announcement of this season’s crossover it’s been a waiting game for fans of past characters such as Coven’s witches. While it only took a few episodes to meet Cordelia (Sarah Paulson), Madison (Emma Roberts), Myrtle (Frances Conroy) and Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) viewers had to wait a little longer for Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe).

But in this week’s installment, none other than Misty Day (Lily Rabe) and Stevie Nicks returned for a truly iconic reunion. After being plucked from hell Misty is welcomed back by her fellow witches but Cordelia surprised her by inviting “The White Witch” Stevie Nicks to welcome her. Needless to say it was a reunion laced with loads of nostalgia.


A true gypsy at heart — Misty Day’s love for Nicks was basically a given. The girls bonded over their love for the earth and its creatures so it was truly exciting to see the songstress honor Misty’s return with her Fleetwood Mac song “Gypsy.”

We’ve seen glimpses of Michael’s evil side, but this episode featuring a past timeline reveals how the witches were connected to him and we see how ruthless he can be. During his journey to hell to retrieve Misty, Michael guts the science teacher who is part of her own personal purgatory.

Later, Misty relays that during her retrieval Michael communicated with the projections there and sensed darkness in him. Meanwhile Michael also revealed his darkness in a fleeting glance to warlock John Henry Moore (Cheyenne Jackson) spooking him enough to try and prove his theory about Michael’s true nature.

Ultimately, Michael had Moore murdered by Mead (Kathy Bates) to continue his course to power even garnering support from Ariel Augustus (Jon Jon Briones). But Michael’s ascension to power is hard to watch knowing where the world will end up.