Welcome to Iconic: Stevie Nicks your fan source for singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks. Stevie is well known as one of the lead singers of British/American band Fleetwood Mac. You may also know her from her solo work from such hits as Edge of Seventeen and Stand Back. In 1998 she was given the honor of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Fleetwood Mac. She appeared in the hit show American Horror Story: Coven && recently returned for Apocalypse. In 2019 she was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame for the 2nd time for her solo work, the first woman to do so.


Disc 1

  1. Enchanted
  2. Outside the Rain
  3. After the Glitter Fades
  4. Wild Heart
  5. Leather and Lace
  6. Garbo
  7. Stand Back
  8. Nightbird
  9. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
  10. Beauty and the Beast
  11. Kind of Woman
  12. If Anyone Falls
  13. One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star
  14. Blue Denim
  15. Bella Donna

Disc 2

  1. Edge of Seventeen (live)
  2. Street Angel
  3. Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)
  4. I Sing for the Things
  5. Rooms on Fire
  6. I Can’t Wait (extended Rock mix)
  7. Two Kinds of Love
  8. The Highwayman
  9. Rose Garden
  10. Talk to Me
  11. Destiny
  12. Ooh My Love
  13. Desert Angel
  14. Whole Lotta Trouble
  15. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You


  1. Twisted (demo)
  2. Long Distance Winner
  3. Thousand Days
  4. Battle of the Dragon
  5. Gold
  6. Free Fallin’
  7. It’s Late (demo)
  8. Violet and Blue
  9. Whenever I Call You Friend
  10. Sweet Girl (demo)
  11. Blue Lamp
  12. Gold and Braid (live) (remix)
  13. Reconsider Me
  14. Somebody Stand by Me
  15. Sleeping Angel (remix)
  16. Rhiannon (piano version)
Renee   Oct 2, 2018