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On this day in 2014, Stevie & the country group Lady Antebellum walked the red carpet at the ACM Awards. They also performed two songs together onstage Golden which they recorded together as well Stevie’s hit song Rhiannon.
The gallery and Video Vault have been update with photos from the red carpet and more as well as their recorded performances.

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“This speech thing that I was supposed to give now has been following me down — the sound of its voice will haunt me for the [next] two weeks. It’s not hard for me to go and play for you, but it’s very hard for me to try to tell you — thank you for for this, for being the first girl in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — twice!

Sometimes I just couldn’t tell great stories. Because it’s like easy — if I’m telling a story about Prince, I can say, ‘He picked me up in his purple Camaro. And we went out to his purple house in a suburb outside Minneapolis, nobody knew where I was. And we wrote a song called, “It’ll Take You Days to Find Her”? And I can actually tell you a great story about that because it is what it is. But for me to tell you a story from my heart, about what this means to me, is very hard … because this has never happened to me before. [It’s only happened for] 22 men and four — zero women, and now one woman.

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Stevie has had many accolades over the years from Grammy Nominations, Top Ten Hits to her upcoming 2nd Rock Hall Induction. What has been near and dear to her heart for years has been her time spent with combat wounded. Stevie visited wounded soldiers at Walter Rewd & Bethesda bringing them iPods. She felt that music had a way of healing and would load music as well as sign them. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith also contibuted money to the project and Mick Fleetwood even went with her to visit the patients. She opened a charity called Stevie Nicks’ Band of Soldiers to continue to help them out and was also honored by the USO in 2015. Over a 5 year period she had spent the most hours visiting combat wounded military personel. This is also close to my heart since I am a Marine Corps Veteran and wife of a combat Marine Veteran. For the 2019 birthday project in honor of Stevie’s birthday will be devoted to helping wounded soldiers.

Kicking off April 25th and lasting until May 26th, the donations will be benefit the following charities.

Wounded Warrior Project
Soldier’s Angels
Walter Reed Society

All donations will be given through the respective sites which can be accessed above. All who participate email, or Direct Message a copy of the receipt via the following.

Facebook- @IconicStevieNicks
Twitter- @IconStevieNicks

All who send in a receipt will be entered into a drawing for a prize as a thank you for helping. The prize will be a photo from the set of Stevie’s “Everyday” music video signed by the director/photographer, Dean Karr!

More information about the prize including a picture/video reveal of the prize will be given at a later date and the drawing will be preformed after her birthday.

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Article From Variety

Audible announced Monday a deal with Rolling Stone to produce an audio series focused on the lives of legendary icons.

“The Wild Heart of Stevie Nicks,” a look at the life and music of the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac, will be released exclusively on Audible on April 4. Rolling Stone journalist and best-selling author Rob Sheffield will narrate.

“The epicenter of culture and technology is where Audible lives, so we’re honored to work with Rolling Stone, a magazine that has served as a purveyor of pop culture and rich storytelling for decades, to produce next-level audio journalism,” said David Blum, editor-in-chief of Audible Originals.

In October 2018, Audible and Rolling Stone teamed up to produce a series on the legendary Aretha Franklin titled “The Queen.” Franklin died in August of that year. The audiobook remained on Audible’s bestseller list for weeks.

“Audio journalism represents a great step forward in longform storytelling for Rolling Stone,” said Rolling Stone President and chief operating officer Gus Wenner. “We couldn’t ask for a better partner in this space than Audible Originals.”

Nicks will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this Friday, March 29 for her work as a solo artist. Having already been inducted with Fleetwood Mac, she will be the first female artist inducted twice.

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On 3/13/2019 The Mac continued their tour of the North East United States with a second stop in Newark, New Jersey. The gallery has been updated with HQ images of Stevie from the concert at the Prudential Center. Credit for the photos go to photographer Dana Goldstein who attended the concert and is allowing her stunning pictures to be shared on this website.

(All Photos have been posted with permission of Dana Goldstein, © Dana Goldstein

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The names of the presenters for the 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was announced today. It is no surprise that Harry Styles was chosen to induct Stevie. In a recent Rolling Stone interview she called him the son she never had.

“The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced the names of the presenters for this year’s induction ceremony. Presenters will include Harry Styles for Stevie Nicks”

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March 14, 2019   No Comment Gallery, Site Update

Last night Fleetwood Mac made their 1st stop in New York at the famous Madison Square Garden. The band played to a sold out crowd at The Garden The gallery has been updated with HQ professionally images as well as ones donated by fans.

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The gallery has been updated with photos donated by fans from the recent concerts of the An Evening With Fleetwood Mac Tour. For a Wayback Wednesday Stevie’s appearance at the 17th Annual Rock Hall Induction Ceremony has been added to the Gallery. As well as her performances during Sheryl Crow & Friends Benefit For Breast Cancer have not only been posted to the gallery but in the Video Vault.

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“Stevie Nicks has the only kind of BDE that matters: Bella Donna Energy. The Fleetwood Mac gold dust woman is adding yet another sequin to her top hat by going into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist, years after she got enshrined with the Mac. She’s the first woman inducted twice — as she puts it, “at the ripe and totally young age of 70.” She’s also hitting the road with Fleetwood Mac for the 2019 leg of their world tour, in their surprising new incarnation after a sudden split with Lindsey Buckingham.

As eloquent and witty as ever, Stevie went deep with Rolling Stone for an epic late-night chat about her 50 years as a rock goddess, discussing love, loss, female music heroes, her poetry about Game of Thrones, how “Stand Back” makes her miss Prince, drag queens, sexist hecklers, loving Tom Petty, why she wears platform boots and the joys of having two female rock stars in the same band. And also why the story of her life would be titled, There’s Enough Shawls to Go Around. Rock on, queen.”

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Today it was released through Stevie’s official social media that in honor of her 2nd induction into the Rock Hall of Fame a solo compilation will be released on March 29th (3/29). The compilation will be available in a 1 CD or 3 CD version as well as a 6 Vinyl collection. The collection will include her hits over the yearsEdge of Seventeen, Stand Back and somer her lesser known songs Gold, Blue Lamp as well as a CD with Live versions of her songs along with duets with Lady Antebellum, Lana Del Rey, and Leann Rimes. Check out the Article Below.

“The life and career of Stevie Nicks is almost mythical. From her pre-Fleetwood Mac days and the cherished Buckingham Nicks album recorded before she and Lindsey joined the band, which of course helped make Fleetwood Mac the rock and roll institution it remains to this day, she’s an integral part of music history.

As such, she owns the rare designation of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame two times — with her second, this time as a solo artist, coming up this spring. With plenty of reason to celebrate, Rhino Records has put together a new collection of music from throughout Nicks’ career.

Stand Back: 1981 – 2017 will pull from ” … a variety of new releases that celebrate her solo career with essential recordings chosen from studio albums, live performances, and soundtrack contributions, plus several of her most-celebrated collaborations with artists including Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Don Henley, Lana Del Rey, and Lady Antebellum.”

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